What Is Wellness

What Is Wellness

Wellness is a complete state of harmony, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Physical Wellness

To be physically well, our physical health, is not only absence of sickness and disease, but actively taking daily steps to continue in that physically healthy state and potentially become even more healthy, realising what we consume through our 5 senses can and does impact our physical health.

Mental Wellness

To be mentally well, our mental health again is not simply just absence of sickness and disease, good mental health comes is affected by many things, from nutrition to stress, from our ability to deal with our life on a daily basis to the habits and routines we slip into on a daily basis.

Emotional Wellness

To be emotionally well, our emotional health can be closely linked to all others, but also includes healthy connections with others to hormone balance within the body itself, our ability to express and convey the feelings we have inside to others in a healthy manner, including the feeling of being heard, understood and every human beings want to be loved and accepted.

Spiritual Wellness

To be spiritually well, our spiritual health, the truest reflection of who we feel we are on the inside, self acceptance, self esteem, self worth, self confidence and more, all of which leading us to know and understand our own human spirit and that of everyone around us. To be unconditionally, unapologetically ourselves, whilst knowing, understanding and the ability to use all of the power and potential within us to live the most amazing life possible and help and allow others to do the same.

All 4 of this areas are as equally important as the next, too much focus on one without the other, leads to an imbalance and can, in the long term, affect our all round WELLNESS.
Which is the complete harmony of all areas, in acceptance of self and continued daily self care and growth to become the best version of ourselves.


What is Wellness
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