About Us

About Us

The Amplify Wellness business and brand was created to do exactly what the words suggest.

When I (Matthew) decided to make the switch in career path to do something I absolutely loved and am so passionate about, after 15 years in the retail industry, I wanted to create something that was capable of not only promoting health, but unlocking it where it did not previously exist.

When I settled upon the words "Amplify Wellness“, it meant a lot to me.
To Amplify something, meaning: To make bigger and better, to create and promote wellness, which was very much my own journey along the way.

Incidentally, if you see my logo, the simple tick style logo, my designer had the amazing idea of the coming together of mind and body, the beginning and end, and everything in between. The 'tick' represents the beginning of the Capital A in Amplify and the end of the y, hence the coming together and everything that matters in between to really Amplify Wellness across all areas of life.


Amplify Wellness


Through all of my experiences, through working in retail, learning so much along the way in my early teens, with a couple of years having feeling the effects of mental health issues, a lot of weight gain, and all-round poor health, deciding to take control and do something about it, I read a lot. I read books about nutrition, health, mental health, hormone balance, spirituality, movement, sleep... you name it.

I learnt about the interconnectedness of life, health and wellbeing and true wellness must take into account all pillars of health. You cannot reach wellness by purely focusing on one area.
This is what I do as a wellbeing coach, in Northern Ireland. I work with individuals, groups and in the workplace, in a structured manor, to get people to begin considering and thinking about their wellness, and giving them actionable steps to begin to make that happen.

It is no longer about fighting against poor health, whether its physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
It's about taking control with your very own guidance with a wellbeing coach, and promoting all areas of health in your life, and realising how much your health can and will impact everything around you, and change your whole perspective.
The areas and sectors I operate in are simple. If you are a human, this is for you.

From kid's wellness to workplace wellness, to an individual basis, there are courses for everyone, and if you need something a little more bespoke to help guide you through your journey right now, that is not only possible, it is a unique part of everything I do, I can make all of it relatable to any individual in their very personal circumstance instantly.
So, whether you need a group session talk organised, workplace wellness session, or a one to session, there is always something we can do in order to help, promote and create wellness in your life and those around you.

With a lifelong interest in all things to do with health and wellbeing, I decided 2 years ago to make the leap into my own business, career and brand as a moral duty to help as many people as possible through their own journey, as I did my own.

And that is why I am in this business, I know without a shadow of a doubt my capabilities to do so. No matter who it is or what they need, I can help or I simply would not have created my brand. So far, the people I have worked with, helped, spoken to, from charities, to business managers, to school kids and their parents.
The list is endless and the impact is limitless, you never truly know where the ripple of what it is I do for people ends, and I love that aspect of my business.

So, if you want to UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL, your team's potential, kid's, anything; don't hesitate to get in touch to find out exactly what Amplify Wellness can do for you as your health and wellbeing coach.

Amplify Wellness
Amplify Wellness


What is Wellness
Maximises Your Physical, Mental,
And Spiritual Potential
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    Corporate speaking to business owners and leaders on the impact of understanding health and wellbeing and its role in the workplace

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